Citrix Mfcom Programming For Administrators

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Citrix Mfcom Programming For Administrators--



Citrix Mfcom Programming For Administrators


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Citrix Mfcom Programming For Administrators - Presentation Transcript

  1. Citrix MFCOM Programming for Administrators October 2007
  2. 100 Applications 1000 Users 100,000 Clicks
  3. Introductions
  • Instructors

  • Nitin Desai

  • Vishal Ganeriwala

  • Facilitators

  • Fred Liu

  • Tom Kludy

  • Jeff Reed

  • Agenda MFCOM Basics Start Using MFCOM Labs In Action Future And Takeaways
  • Agenda Agenda item number 1 Start Using MFCOM Labs In Action Future And Takeaways MFCOM Basics
  • What is MFCOM?

  • COM-based management interface

  • Runs on every Citrix Presentation Server™ box

  • Scriptable and COM programming language support

  • Remote execution

  • Work Smarter and Faster Using MFCOM Integration with third-party software applications 3 Information reporting 2 Automate administration tasks 1
  • How Does MFCOM Work ? MFCOM IMA LHC DCOM RPC SAL SAL SAL Data Store Data Collector Citrix Presentation Server Windows Machine SAL : Subsystem Access Layer
  • Common MFCOM Objects Zones Farm Apps Servers Sessions Policies Servers Users Sessions Apps Processes VCs
  • Agenda Agenda item number 1 MFCOM Basics Labs In Action Future and Takeaways Start Using MFCOM
  • Today’s Setup For Class Demos DCOM Port 2512 Client Machine MPS SDK Lab1CPS CPS 4.5 VM Lab2CPS CPS 4.5 VM DCOM IMA Farm Name: SDKDemo Data Store: Lab1CPS Zone Data Collector: Lab1CPS Servers : Lab1CPS & Lab2CPS
  • How Can I Get Started?

  • Download SDK from:

  • Browse Script Repository http:// =645&subCategoryID=645

  • Setting Up Client and Server Machines

  • Register the remote Citrix Presentation Server using: mfreg

  • Use dcomcnfg to change the Impersonation level from identity to impersonate on Windows XP

  • W2K3+SP1 CPS Server - Add remote MFCOM user to the DCOM Users Group

  • Make sure you have administrative privileges for the Citrix Farm

  • Sample Examples
  • MPSSDK Documentation

  • MPSSDK Help System

  • MFCOM browser

  • http:// =9686d808-19c0-4bad-a577-02d85f597a8d

  • Displaying Farm Name

  • Use of VBScriptTemplate.wsf to add code

  • Use of MetaFrameFarm Object and its methods

  • Navigating MFCOM …

  • New version of interfaces with different releases

  • MetaFrameFarm object : IMetaFrameFarm6 (CPS4.0) inherits from IMetaFrameFarm5 (CPS3.0)

  • Scripts connect to the latest interfaces

  • C++ - Use QueryInterface

  • Drill down to appropriate level of object.

  • MetaFrameServer Object:

  • IMetaFrameServer

  • IMetaFrameWinServer Finding the relevant interface

  • Agenda Agenda item number 1 MFCOM Basics Start Using MFCOM Future And Takeaways Labs In Action
  • What Will You Learn?

  • When and how to use MFCOM

  • Navigating the documentation

  • Using major MFCOM objects

  • Auditing the farm

  • Automating Citrix Presentation Server™ management tasks

  • Labs: Commonly Done Presentation Server Administration Tasks

  • Lab 1: Servers and Applications

  • Lab 2: Create a Load Evaluator

  • Lab 3: Take the Server Offline

  • Extra Credit:

  • Printing

  • Auditing Using Enumerations

  • Object associations as a powerful tool for auditing Zones Farm Apps Servers Sessions Sessions

  • Lab 1 : Servers and Applications

  • List servers and applications in the Farm.

  • List Applications on each server.

  • List Servers for each application

  • Use of MetaFrameServer and MetaFrameApplication methods/properties.

  • Simple Administration Tasks

  • Creating new entities in the farm

  • Create an Object in MFCOM

  • Initialize the necessary data

  • SaveData – Saving data to IMA Datastore

  • Changing the configuration settings for the existing entities

  • Create an Object (CreateObject method)

  • Initialization – Initialize or set methods

  • LoadData – Loading data from IMA Datastore

  • Change the settings

  • SaveData – Save data back to IMA Datastore

  • Lab2 : Create a Load Evaluator

  • Create a Load Evaluator

  • Set the name and description

  • Create a LMRule for CPU utilization

  • Create a LMRules collection and add a rule

  • Set Load Evaluator Rules and save the data

  • Use of MetaFrameLoadEvaluator, MetaFrameLMRule and MetaFrameLMRules methods/properties.

  • Inside MFCOM

  • COM Free threading model

  • Error reporting

  • Limited error codes as HRESULT

  • Exceptions in. NET

  • MFCOM user

  • Current user vs. other user (runas)

  • MFCOM impersonates before calling IMA

  • Complex Management Tasks

  • Connecting more than one entity in the farm

  • Series of tasks with proper ordering

  • Repetitive pattern

  • Examples

  • Take the server offline

  • Migrate applications from one farm to another

  • Remove the server from N applications

  • Lab3 : Taking The Server Offline

  • How to take the server offline for maintenance purpose gracefully?

  • Steps -

  • Prevent the new connections

  • Communicate to the users

  • Let the connections drain

  • Logoff the sessions after timeout period

  • Use of MetaFrameLoadEvaluator, MetaFrameSession and MetaFrameServer methods/properties.

  • Advanced MFCOM Usage

  • Multi farm management

  • Create objects on the multiple remote servers

  • C/# - Activator method

  • VBScript - CreateObject(("MetaFrameCOM.MetaFrameFarm", ServerName1)

  • Event handling

  • Server, Application and Folder Events

  • Create, update (rename), move and delete

  • MetaFrameFarmEvent enum, IMetaFrameEventQueue , CreateEventQueue2 method in MetaFrameFarm

  • Extra Credit : Printing

  • List printer drivers on every server

  • Use of MetaFrameServer and MetaFramePrinterDriver Methods

  • Agenda Agenda item number 1 MFCOM Basics Start Using MFCOM Labs In Action Future and Takeaways

  • Scalability

  • Highly scalable in large farm environment

  • Usability

  • Consolidation of interfaces and methods

  • Enhanced consistency in object behavior

  • Easy multi-farm management

  • Better .Net Support

  • .NET assembly

  • .NET versioning and generics Next-generation Presentation Server Management SDK

  • How Does CPSSDK Work ? IMACOM IMA LHC DCOM RPC SAL SAL SAL Data Store Data Collector Citrix Presentation Server Windows Machine CPSSDK Client Cached Data Chunky Calls SAL : Subsystem Access Layer
  • Work Smarter and Faster Start Using MFCOM Today !
  • Before you leave…

  • Overall conference survey is available online at starting Wednesday, October 24 (please provide feedback)

  • Download workshop materials from starting Monday, October 29

  • Leftover workshops handouts can be found at the HOT Assistance Center Desk

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